European Investment Bank supports one of the largest desalination projects worldwide

The project will support the water supply infrastructure of the Sorek II desalination plant in Israel, in one of the most water-stressed regions of the world.

The European Investment Bank, the EU’s long-term financing institution, has signed a EUR 150 million finance contract with the company SMS IDE Ltd targeting the design, financing, construction and operation of a seawater desalination plant using reverse osmosis technology in Sorek, Israel.

With a capacity of 200 million m3 per annum, Sorek II will become one of the largest desalination plants in the world. The project marks a milestone in the desalination industry with cutting edge technology to improve energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Through the financing of this project, the EU bank supports a high priority water supply infrastructure in one of the world’s most water-stressed regions. It will allow meeting growing domestic demand while increasing regional water transfers. It will positively affect people’s daily lives in the region by improving water quality delivered to consumers. It will also increase the availability of reused water for agricultural users, thus fostering the switch away from freshwater usage and facilitating sustainable replenishment of aquifers

The project is line with the objectives of the Neighbouring Financing Facility (NFF) 2014-2020 and EU/Israel Action Plan. By financing this project, the EU underlines its commitment to regional and international co-operation, complementing other EIB water sector projects in the region.

Source:  European Investment Bank