European SENTRY project receives first prize in Best Clean Sky Project Awards 2016


The European SENTRY R&D&i project, coordinated by the GAIKER-IK4 Technology Centre, was selected as the winning project at the Best Clean Sky Project Awards 2016 ceremony, held on April 4 in Brussels. The event brought together the members and partners of Clean Sky, companies from the aeronautical sector and representatives of the European Parliament and European Commission.

Clean Sky was created in 2008 as a result of growing air traffic and consequent forecasts of increased greenhouse gas emissions and use of resources attributable to the aeronautical sector. Clean Sky is a public-private cooperation initiative featuring the European Commission and the aeronautical industry. Its aim is to develop innovative technologies to achieve significant breakthroughs to mitigate the environmental impact of the sector.

The SENTRY research project was undertaken within this framework. The objective of the initiative was to carry out differentiated recycling of the alloys used in the manufacture of aircraft fuselage panels, in order to ensure that the materials recovered are used for the same application, rather than being used to create products of lower added value.