Expansion and automation of the Fuenlabrada Industrial Waste Sorting Plant (Madrid)


The Fuenlabrada Industrial Waste Sorting Plant, commissioned in July 2015, receives commercial and industrial waste from public and private clients based in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The plant recovers materials of value from waste which, owing to its diversity or lack of homogeneity, would otherwise be landfilled. The facility, therefore, represents an environmentally and economically sustainable alternative to the drawbacks associated with the landfilling of recoverable waste.

Ferrovial Servicios was responsible for the expansion and automation of the Fuenlabrada Industrial
Waste Sorting Plant (Madrid). The plant is located at Calle Uranio nº 18 in the Cantueña Industrial Estate, in Fuenlabrada (Madrid).

The facilities were devoted to the storage, sorting and compaction of paper, board and plastic, and featured a treatment line comprising a manual press and a belt conveyor with three sorting positions. The sorting process was manual.

Subsequent to the broadening of the waste types the Fuenlabrada plant was authorised to manage by the Autonomous Community of Madrid in 2013, the quantity of industrial waste managed at the facility increased significantly, to double that of previous volumes. As a result of the work undertaken at the Fuenlabrada plant, waste with a high degree of recoverability previously sent to landfill is now treated at the facility.

Due to the aforementioned circumstances, the project for the Expansion and Automation of the Fuenlabrada Industrial Waste Sorting Plant was undertaken. A flexible plant with the capacity to treat all of the previously analysed waste types was designed. The plant can operate in automatic or manual modes depending on the nature of the input to be processed and there are separate treatment lines for light packaging waste, and commercial and industrial waste. The treatment capacity was increased from 3 t/h in the old manual plant to 6 t/h in the remodelled facility, which features automated sorting that significantly improves material recovery rates.

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Plant Manager of the Fuenlabrada Industrial Waste Sorting Plant Treatment and Environmental Management. Ferrovial Servicios España

Plant Report published in: FuturENVIRO October 2015