FCC Environment awarded the contract for street cleaning, beach cleaning and waste collection services in the city of Vigo

Vigo City Council, a city where FCC Medio Ambiente (the Spanish brand for FCC Environment) has delivered services since 1989, has once again placed its trust in the company by awarding lots 2 and 3 of the street and beach cleaning services, collection of diverse waste types and other special services for a term of two years. The contract value equals to almost 58 million euros and there is a possible extension of two more years.

To serve the city’s nearly 293,000 inhabitants, FCC has a workforce of over 640 employees. The company will continue to develop its policies of integrating groups at risk of exclusion through partnership agreements with entities such as Red Cross and Down Vigo, which are actively working to achieve these objectives. Similarly, it intends to progress with the implementation of the 2nd equality plan in the company. This was recently developed in co-ordination with worker representatives.

Regarding the vehicle fleet, FCC Medio Ambiente will have 59 vehicles for the collection of recyclables and various sorts of waste, and 107 machines for the cleaning service. The new contract will partially renew machinery by introducing electric and hybrid vehicles and enhancing the current compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet.

As a novelty, the cleaning and collection services in the Old Town are being increased; pilot trials on self-composting will be implemented in some 2,000 rural homes and a fifth container with a key for organic material will be added for 4,000 urban dwellings.

In terms of collection and transport of recyclable waste, the collection in the Old Town and Bouzas area will be undertaken on a door-to-door basis, as well as the collection of glass, paper and cardboard. For the collection of vegetable oil, clothing and footwear, pilot trials will be implemented for 50,000 inhabitants by installing bins in areas currently designated to selective collection.

VISION, integrated digital management platform, designed and developed exclusively by FCC Medio Ambiente, will be implemented for the comprehensive management of the services, which will also be equipped with web and multi-device environments.

All these new services are associated with citizen information and awareness campaigns. The aim is to strengthen and consolidate citizens’ participation, promote the vision of waste as a resource, increase reusability from a circular economy perspective by creating alliances with stakeholders and social economy entities, as well as promote transparency in the management of services. Make Vigo the first 100% selective Spanish city.