FCC to manage waste in Houston (USA) for 5 years and 30 million Euros

FCC Environmental Services, the Group’s Environmental Services subsidiary in the United States, has signed an agreement with the Houston, Texas, City Council involving delivery for final treatment of all the biosolids or sewage sludge produced by the city and the neighbouring counties for the next 5 years.

Houston is the fourth largest city in population in the United States and a major hub worldwide for the oil, energy, medical and aerospace sectors. The contract will provide service to 2 million people residing in this Texas city and the surrounding area.

In order to provide the services, a fleet of 20 trucks and 40 trailers and tanks will be used to manage between 25,000 and 45,000 tons of biosolids produced each year in the city over the next five years, for a sum of approximately EUR 30 million.

This contract with the Houston City Council is the Citizen Services Group’s first after the sale in mid-October of its used industrial oil collection and recycling business in the USA to the local company, Heritage-Crystal Clean, for a total of EUR 70 million.

The FCC Group’s remaining environmental businesses and activities in the USA, such as the collection, recycling and treatment of solid urban waste, industrial waste management, treatment of waste from oil and gas production and exploration processes, ground decontamination and other environmental services, have been grouped under FCC Environmental Services, the company that has successfully bid for this tender by the Houston City Council.

Through this new company, the Citizen Services Group aims to focus its environmental business in the United States, where it provides industrial waste management and recycling services.

Before the recent sale of its used industrial oil collection and recycling business to Heritage-Crystal Clean, FCC Environmental had revenues of some EUR 130 million and a workforce of around 500 employees.