FCC inaugurates the Dallas Materials Recycling Facility

The state-of-the-art plant was built and financed by FCC Environmental Services, the US subsidiary of FCC Group. It will be managed by the company for 15 years with a possible extension of 10 years.

The Dallas MRF will process and return to the market all recyclable materials from the city. The facilities are already also receiving recyclable materials from other cities in Texas such as Garland, Mesquite and University Park.


It will process some 75,000 tonnes in 2017 and has a total treatment capacity of 140,000 tonnes a year. Thousands of tonnes of glass, plastic, metal, paper and cardboard will return to the market in the thanks to this new facility.

The plant’s turnover is approximately $300 million over its service life. The facility has the latest technologies for separation and sorting including artificial vision as well as optical and gravimetric separation machines. All the materials collected in a single recycling bin will be separated into various categories.

FCC has also built an education centre on the site. This is designed to help Dallas City Council meet its environmental objectives through the training and education of children and adults in best practices for sustainability and recycling.

The recycling plant covers some 5,400 m2 while the offices building covers 840 m2 and the workshop, some 300 m2. With these, the total area of the facilities is 5.3 hectares, the equivalent of eight football fields.

Source: FCC Group