Feedstock Flexibility in Green Fiber Preparation


Reduce incoming fiber costs by expanding feedstock options to include whole tree chips, wood residuals, hogged wood, pulp chips, and micro chips.  WSM’s Super Shredders are built to efficiently convert a broad array of material into a consistently sized fiber. These massive Shredders achieve the highest thru-put while optimizing particle size and distribution for the drying of green fiber.

Eliminate unscheduled downtime and spend more time milling, thanks to the robust construction and reliability of these dependable machines. Longer intervals between scheduled maintenance means more uptime and more thru-put. It’s simple – less down time means more uptime and more profit.  Superior componentry and maintenance friendly design features allow WSM’s Super Shredders to deliver industry leading reliability in the most demanding applications around the world.

Delivering improved drying with consistent particle sizing and fiber thickness, WSM’s Super Shredders are available in a wide range of sizes with capacities up to 75 tph. Configurable as gravity discharge, air assist discharge, or full air discharge. Multiple machine installations deliver the high volumes needed to support the largest industrial pellet facilities.