Ferrovial Services developing innovative waste collection system in Galicia

Ferrovial Services Spain and the Ferrovial Services Centre of Excellence for Cities are participating in the COMPAKBIN research project to develop a new bin system that automatically compacts municipal solid waste in order to optimise waste collection in both technical and economic terms.

An eco-efficient bin that automatically compacts waste


The new bin system for household waste will use cutting-edge technology to identify users and to compact waste. Located above ground, it will be compatible with existing waste collection systems and will communicate with them in real time. The COMPAKBIN technology will reduce the environmental impact and the cost of waste management.

It links the waste with the user who disposed of it. This will provide information about citizens’ waste disposal and their contribution to recycling. After development of the first prototypes, the system will be pilot-tested in As Mariñas (A Coruña) in 2018.

European project for innovation in municipal services

Ferrovial Services is conducting this project with Galician SMEs Formato Verde, Conexiona Telecom and Soluciones Conceptuales e Innovación. COMPAKBIN is co-financed under the CONECTA PEME programme by the Galicia Innovation Agency, which is part of the Galicia Regional Government Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry, with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

As Mariñas, where COMPAKBIN will be tested on a pilot basis, is one of Ferrovial Services’ municipal services contracts in Galicia. The company handles street cleaning and waste collection in A Coruña, Pontevedra, Vivero and Sarria; provides energy services and public lighting in Riveira and Carballo; undertakes green area maintenance in Santiago de Compostela; and was recently awarded a contract for home help services in Vilagarcía de Arousa.

Source: Ferrovial