Ferrovial Serviços wins new urban services contracts in Lisbon

For this new service, the company will use a professional, specialized team to bolster its ability to respond to the daily collection needs of unsorted waste in the two municipalities.

In addition, the company Carris awarded Ferrovial Serviços a contract to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance operations over the next three years in the green spaces in the Miraflores and Santo Amaro complexes and in the Pontinha and Musqueira stations, located in Lisbon. Services will include all work related to preventive maintenance for the facilities, such as cleaning and garden care, as well as rehabilitation of green areas and tree pruning.

The company will provide efficient, high-quality services at two leading national companies through these two new adjudications, thereby strengthening its position in Portugal’s urban areas.

Recent adjudications of treatment plants

The company was recently awarded a contract in Portugal to operate the landfill wastewater treatment plant attached to the Lipor II power recovery plant. As such, the company will be responsible for treating about 7,000 m3 of leachate and monitoring it in the environment. This contract entails continuing the services that CITRUP has been providing for more than 20 years at this plant, which combine design, construction, and operation of the plant, in addition to treating leachates.