Climate change is aggravating the hazard of wildfires in many places around the world, such as the Amazon, California and Australia, which has been hit by fires since last September. All of Australia’s states have been fighting against wildfires that have now razed 8 million hectares, destroyed houses and killed thousands of animals. Not to mention the tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Although natural parks and isolated dwellings require firefighters, forest patrols, helicopters and water-bombing aircraft, a wide range of solutions is available for fire protection in urban areas. Saint-Gobain PAM España boasts a range of specialised fire-protection products, which, when deployed strategically, can significantly contribute to combating fire.

Saint-Gobain PAM and fire protection

Pillar-type fire hydrants and underground fire hydrants with access covers form part of the Saint-Gobain PAM range of fire-fighting products. Both offer the reliability and durability that are the hallmark of the company, thanks to the excellence of the materials of which they are manufactured. They comply with current legislation and meet the most stringent demands of professionals specialising in fire protection systems. Saint-Gobain PAM also offers comprehensive customer service, from technical advice to after-sales service.

These hydrants, which now form an integral part of street furniture, are designed with the greatest of care. The TANGO DN 100 PFA 16 pillar-type hydrant is manufactured by Saint-Gobain PAM (Toul-France), and designed and tested at our Research & Development Centre (LaboPam), which is certified by the Comité Français d’Accréditation (COFRAC).

TANGO, dry-barrel pillar-type hydrants feature Bom 100 + 2 UNE 70 connections, height clearance of Hc = 06 m, and are compliant with:

  • UNE EN 14384 – NF S 61213 / CN – RD 513/2017 Standards
  • CE marking.
  • Acreditación de conformidad Sanitaria (Sanitary Conformity Accreditation – ACS).hidrante

Saint-Gobain PAM underground fire hydrants with access covers are specially designed for congested urban areas and offer a high degree of safety. The Class C 250 access cover is compliant with the UNE EN 124 Standard and features a special design for optimised fire hydrant installation. An innovative opening system makes handling of the cover very easy, whilst also making it difficult to steal.

Like the pillar-type fire hydrants, the underground fire hydrants (DN 80 and DN 100) and their access covers are designed, manufactured and tested by Saint-Gobain PAM, and come with the guarantee of the CE Marking. They are also compliant with the UNE EN 14339 and RD 513/213 Standards.