First and only university course to specialise in desalination and water reuse

Pre-registration opens on October 1 for the 8th Edition of the Specialist in Desalination and Water Reuse Course, offered by the University of Alicante in direct collaboration with the Spanish Desalination and Reuse Association (AEDyR). The course will begin on January 10, 2022.

This course on non-conventional technologies for obtaining new water resources is the only official postgraduate university course to concentrate specifically on these areas, making it a very interesting training option within the water sector.


The course has an official duration equivalent to 300 hours of class (30 ECTS credits) and runs from January to July 2022.


The programme is divided into two modules, one devoted to desalination and the other to reuse. After a general introduction to the problems of water and the different desalination systems, the first module looks at the most significant aspects of reverse osmosis technology: physical and chemical pretreatment, membranes and membrane configuration, design, energy consumption and recovery, instrumentation and control, post-treatment, water intake and brine discharge, operation, materials, environmental aspects, modelling of discharges, and new desalination technologies.