The Ecocidi Recursos waste agency is lending its weight to digital transformation with the launch of EasyWaste, the first App to cover and simplify interaction with waste management, recycled products and recycling machinery markets. By facilitating producer access to waste managers with quality services, EasyWaste is an essential tool for any professional wishing to attract clients easily.

EasyWaste (FREE)

EasyWaste (FREE) is now available on the App Store and on Google Play. This version is free of charge and does not require registration. It allows users to access and contact responsible waste managers and recyclers directly. EasyWaste publishes the manager’s service or product in accordance with waste type and users can rapidly access what they need using the search filters and their location.

The client

The App is suitable for both companies and private individuals wishing to locate recycling centres and recycled products or enter into contact with providers of management services. It can also be a useful ally for EPR systems, municipal councils and NGOs wishing to improve their collection streams or promote their services on a medium that encompasses all waste types.

EasyWaste brings waste management to the people by increasing the visibility of waste management service suppliers as well as promoting recycled products and recycling machinery. Ultimately, it helps waste managers and recyclers to attract new customers.


From the practical, commercial perspective of a waste agency like Ecocidi, circular economy criteria must be combined with new digital tools. In this way, users can be provided with increasingly extensive and varied information on waste management and recycling.

This will enable the maximum benefit to be obtained from each waste type, as well as facilitating improved recycling rates and higher sales of new products made from recovered materials, whilst always respecting the principles of proximity and selfsufficiency.


foto Ricardo

Ricardo García Pérez-Carro
CEO EasyWaste / Ecocidi

Published in: Nº64 FuturENVIRO October 2019