Formato Verde to supply Almeria with over 2,000 side–loader containers

Following four months of intensive technical testing, on the street and in-house, including citizen consultation in the form of a public survey on the streets, the City Council of Almeria has decided on the container that will replace the current models. The new container is called Big.bin and is manufactured by Galicia-based company Formato Verde. The City Council, through the current city cleaning concessionaire (FCC), has ordered the first 2,085 side-loader units, which will be installed in the city before the end of the year.

With a capacity of 3,200 litres, the new Formato Verde range stands out for its avant-garde design, which won it first place in the the international A’ Design Awards 2013 in the category of Street Furniture. The Big.bin was chosen from amongst the 5,000 models from 141 different countries entered in this equivalent of the Oscar Awards for refuse containers.

Another reason why the Almeria City Council and FCC opted for this model was ease of use for citizens. The smaller-sized lid makes it lighter and more comfortable and the Big.bin also features smooth opening and closing support systems. The pedal has a movement multiplier, although it is not absolutely necessary to use it because the container is fitted with two support cylinders which enable the lid to be opened with a force of just one kilogram.

Also of note is the fact that the French city of Marseille has acquired 4 Big.Bins for the purpose of testing this side-loader container. It is the first city in France to test this automated system, which is capable of reducing collection costs by up to 25%. Moreover, Istanbul has recently installed the first 60 units of the same container model, manufactured by Formato Verde in Galicia.