Galicia, green, blue and speaking in the feminine gender

Although it was not a deliberate policy and the aim was to bring together the best possible skillsets, the fact is that women are strongly represented in the Galician Ministry for the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing. I work with a team that includes a good number of women, who make decisions on a daily basis regarding green and blue policies for Galicia. From my right- and left-hand women, the Technical Secretary General and the Chief of Staff, to the Director Generals of Town Planning, Natural Heritage and Environmental Quality, we have five women in senior official positions. These women, all of whom boast enviable experience, confirm the fact that in 2021 we should no longer speak of leadership as the terrain of men, but rather as the terrain of those with the skills to lead.

Ángeles Vázquez
Regional Minister for the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing of the Galician Government

The Regional Ministry, as I have pointed out, speaks in the feminine gender but beyond this fact, which I consider to be circumstantial, it speaks of our Autonomous Community’s awareness of the repercussions of climate change. Climate change impacts global issues such as sustainable development, the economy, the management of natural resources and health, making it essential to offer a multilateral response based on action.

«The Ministry speaks in the feminine gender but, above all, it speaks of Galicia’s awareness of the repercussions of climate change»

In October 2019, the Regional Government bolstered its response to this phenomenon by drawing up the Galician Climate Change and Energy Strategy 2050. I like to describe this as an ambitious roadmap and one through which we are seeking to become a benchmark in terms of new consumption models and the provision of a solution to the problem of global warming.

It is a pioneering strategy at European level in that it outlines, in written form, our commitment to reach climate neutrality as soon as possible, long before other regions and countries have done so. We are doing this through four blocks of action, in which more than 317 million euros have already been invested in the first year alone. A total of 171 measures are underway and scheduled for completion by the first deadline, the year 2024. These actions fall within the framework of mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions; adaptation to the impacts of GHG emissions; research into the causes, evidence and effects; and the social dimension, which includes the governance and awareness needed to achieve an educated, sensitised society resilient to climate change.

Published in #81 FuturENVIRO June – July 2021