Gallinazo Avisa: an initiative to track waste accumulation in Lima using a team of vultures equipped with video cameras and GPS

The American Black Vulture (Gallinazo), a diurnal bird of prey, has become a partner in the fight for environmental enhancement in Lima, by preventing the build-up of refuse and waste. This is thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) and AUSAID, which have undertaken the Gallinazo Avisa campaign.

“10 black vultures fitted with GPS, which enables their flights to be tracked, act as radars to detect sources of environmental contamination and provide quality information. We want to grab the attention of local authorities and citizens, because each resident of Lima generates 610 grams of waste per day. This means that between Lima and Callao, a total of six thousand tonnes of waste is produced daily”, says Javier Hernandez, Coordinator of Solid Waste Management at the MINAM’s Directorate for Environmental Quality.

Gallinazo Avisa consists of the tracking, identification and reporting of contaminated areas in Lima, using 10 black vultures carrying extremely lightweight cameras and GPS. On the website and the social media, the movement of these birds can be followed as they bear testimony to the enormous quantity of waste accumulating in the streets. Through the use of photos, video and information on correct waste disposal, this encourages people to join forces with this brigade of vultures, albeit from the ground.