Geocycle Mexico Declares War on Landfills with Lindner’s Polaris 2200

Mexico’s mountains of waste may soon be history. To achieve this ambitious goal in a country that produces around 100,000 tonnes of waste a day, the affiliate of the cement giant Lafarge Holcim is relying on Lindner’s proven shredding technology.

For Geocycle Mexico, the Polaris 2200 is the ideal shredder for one-step alternative fuel production.

A Polaris 2200 shredder has been in operation in the Mexican city of Orizaba since April 2018. Now that one year has passed, Mexicans purchasing power is growing steadily. That’s good for the people but it also leads to much more waste. To ensure that this is sustainable and leaves the planet clean, their parent company Lafarge Holcim is looking for a smart, universally deployable solution to recover this municipal solid waste in their cement works in an environmentally friendly way. A year ago, they opted for this one-step processing solution from Lindner and their Mexican sales partner GTA Ambiental.

The Polaris shredders are highly specialised industrial machines for one-step waste processing and subsequent co-processing in the precalciner. Of course, economic factors do play an important role in this regard. To keep production costs low and uptimes high, Lindner has engineered a particularly sturdy and efficient shredder with the tried-and-tested Lindner belt drive and incredibly robust machine components. But it’s not only productivity that counts – the final output is also crucial.

Not only the sophisticated engineering but also the right service is key. In Geocycle, when they received the machine, they were trained to operate, adjust and maintain it. If they do need technical support for major overhauls or if they have any questions, they can count on Linder and GTA Ambiental as partners.

Source: Linder