Glass container recycling grows by 9% in 2018, the biggest increase in a decade

Ecovidrio estimates that the recycling rate for waste glass containers reached 76.5% in 2018, an increase of 3.5 percentage points on the estimated rate for 2017. Selective collection in the green container was up 6.5% on 2017, meaning that each citizen deposited an average of 18 kilogrammes of glass packaging, representing 68 containers per person. The Balearic Islands (30 kg/capita), Euskadi (27.5 kg/capita), La Rioja (27.5 kg/capita), Navarra (25.9 kg/capita) and Catalonia (21.4 kg/capita) led the glass container recycling table in 2018.

Today Ecovidrio, the non-profit entity responsible for the recycling of glass containers in Spain, presented its overview of recycling in our country and the pillars of its activities in 2019. During the presentation, the organisation announced that the glass container recycling rate had been the highest in a decade, with an increase of 9%. This result means that a total of 893,989 tonnes of waste was recycled and converted into new containers last year.

The positive results are reflected in an increase of 3.5 percentage points in the glass container recycling rate, according to Ecovidrio estimates. The recycling rate now stands at 76.5%, representing one of the biggest increases ever in this rate. The official recycling rate is published annually by the Ministry for Ecological Transition. The latest available figures, corresponding to 2016, put the recycling rate at 71.8%.