Global Omnium launches ‘Go Hub’, a new generation of startups to lead the digital transformation of cities and industry to improve quality of life

Go Hub kicks off with 20 projects that seek to change society through artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality and robotics in key sectors: water, food, energy and health, amongst others.


Global Omnium’s GO HUB, the company’s new innovation hub officially opened its doors yesterday at 7 pm. President of the company, Eugenio Calabuig, Chief Disruptive and Digital Officer of Global Omnium, Jaime Barba, and Patricia Pastor, GO HUB director, yesterday presented the project to the media.

Thus, the Global Omnium Group launches G(lobal) O(Omnium) Hub, a revolutionary project of startups that seek to improve the quality of life of people through digital transformation of cities and industry. Go Hub will be headquartered in Valencia and a second space in Seville is also envisaged.

Go Hub kicks off with 20 projects in a space of over 2,500m2. Some of the projects are at a pilot stage while others are growing and looking towards internationalisation. The projects focus on the quest for solutions of great social impact in the most important sectors for the development of any society: water, energy, mobility, food, health, textiles and the automotive industry.

The aim is to improve processes through disruptive technologies in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things, virtual reality and robotics.

With the slogan ‘NOWnot only water’, Go Hub currently has two business lines: on the one hand the first water tech Hub, made up of startups specialising in technological solutions for application in the water sector, and on the other hand, startups whose projects focus on the digital transformation of industry.