Global Omnium removes phosphorus from wastewater thanks to LIFE NEWEST project

Global Omnium, through Global Omnium Medioambiente and EGEVASA, and SERVYECO are participating in the European LIFE NEWEST project. The project seeks to achieve industrial-scale demonstration of an innovative, eco-friendly technology capable of removing phosphorus from wastewater at urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, thus enabling the sludge produced in the process to be recovered for agricultural purposes.

In the coming months, the specialists participating in this LIFE project will demonstrate the validity of this efficient treatment technology designed to reduce the potential impact of wastewater on aquatic ecosystems, and prevent the degradation of water resources and loss of biodiversity.

The project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the LIFE 2016 programme and has a budget of €2.2 million, in addition to a subsidy of €1.3 million.

LIFE NEWEST will have a duration of 36 months, during which a number of different tasks will be executed. It will afford an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution for the removal of phosphorus from wastewater, in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2000/60/EC and the priorities set out by the LIFE ProgrammeReproducibility of the technology will also be guaranteed in at least two euro zone countries (the Netherlands and Germany).

Moreover, value will be added to the sludge produced through the dosing of the new organic polymer, both in terms of methane production and sludge quality for composting and subsequent use in agriculture. This will serve to boost the recycling and reuse of WWTP sludge and create synergies with other EU policy areas, such as agriculture, land and waste.