GoAigua technology increases water efficiency by 85% with revolutionary tele-reading system

The GoAigua tele-reading system has been rated as one of the 15 most important global innovations developed in recent years by the Innovation and City report, published by Wagner Innovation Labs of the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York. This technology has enabled Valencia to become the European city with the largest number of smart meters installed. It has also allowed Gandía to become the first European city to monitor water with NB-IoT. Big Data architectures enable quick access to massive amounts of data, making it possible to visualize data and consumption patterns, predict demand and incidents, and launch corrective actions.

The implementation of the latest generation of tele-reading technology, and work in the areas of sectorization and leak location, has allowed Global Omnium, through GoAigua technology, to increase the efficiency of water networks by between 70% and 85%, thereby preventing the annual loss of 3.8 million m3 of water.

To achieve this, Global Omnium efficiently manages its networks from the GoAigua integration platform, analyzing more than 110 million data per year to ensure the efficiency of the service, in the awareness that the sustainable management of water resources is now one of the biggest challenges facing society today.

In the more than 300 supply networks managed by the company, with a total length exceeding 12,000 km, and over which it has carried out numerous sensorization and sectorization projects, the platform has been able to analyze over 300,000 data daily to ensure the efficiency of the service.

It is estimated that this system saves more than 50,000 m3 / month by enabling a reduction in the consumption of the resource, with a consequent improvement in efficiency. Moreover, the technological solutions implemented by GoAigua enable an annual reduction of over 1,500 tonnes in CO2 emissions, a major cause of climate change.

With tele-reading, Global Omnium, through its GoAigua technology company, has changed the water supply model. The company has modernized services and implemented technology in the Integrated Urban Water Cycle that enables real-time data collection through sectorization and sensorization. This allows analysis of consumption, forecasting of future behaviors, leak control and prevention, and the forecasting of unforeseen events.