Greene passes technology audit certifying potential for profitable worldwide implementation and innovative development

Multi-national consultancy company Altran has carried out a due diligence audit for the Elche-based company Greene. The audit concludes that the company’s patented technology for the gasification of different wastes comfortably complies with the most stringent international standards.

Greene Waste to Energy, the Elche-based company specialising in the development of waste treatment plants, has successfully passed a due diligence audit carried out by leading international consultancy company Altran. The results achieved exceeded the requirements of the most stringent international standards. The technical due diligence undertaken is a technology audit to certify potential profitability and innovative development capacities in an increasingly competitive global market.

The technical audit was carried out over recent months and included three separate stages. Firstly, documental verification of the engineering design process was carried out to measure the capacity of the company to undertake projects of this type. The second stage consisted of a HAZOP study, i.e., a detailed study of the facilities at Greene’s headquarters in Elche to evaluate potential risks in the event of operational failures. Lastly, operating tests were carried out on the waste treatment plant to check its capacity to work with different types of waste. The results of the three stages were extremely satisfactory, with performance exceeding expectations.

Altran, the leading global consultancy company in engineering and R&D services was selected to carry out the audit of Greene’s engineering design. This design enables energy to be generated and other high-added-value raw materials to be produced through the recovery of different types of waste (sludge, MSW, food waste, industrial waste, etc), without CO2 missions. Moreover, the technology reduces waste volume by up to 90%. The due diligence audit concluded that Greene Waste to Energy is “ready for worldwide implementation”, with guarantees regarding: return on investment, use of innovative technology, and demand for the technology in a market seeking alternatives to landfills.