Grupo SPR offers exclusive solutions for the treatment, recycling and recovery of a wide variety of wastes, with a clear emphasis on the production of alternative fuels. The company has recently commissioned two RDF plants, one in the Philippines and the other in Egypt.

In October, Grupo SPR completed the commissioning of the waste input and secondary shredding plant in the city of Manila, in the Philippines. The plant was supplied by Grupo SPR and is fitted with equipment featuring Spanish and Austrian technology. It has a shredding capacity of 12 t/h of RDF for direct in-feed to the pre-calciner and use as an alternative fuel in the cement industry. 20151013_141020

The plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art, single-rotor secondary shredder with a power output of 264 kW, and a controlled in-feed system designed by Grupo SPR, which enables the shredder to be fed constantly and uniformly for optimal performance.

Grupo SPR was also awarded a contract for a compact RDF plant in Qena, in Egypt. This plant was delivered by Grupo SPR in 2015 and was designed for the purpose of preparing and obtaining a material with a high calorific value from municipal solid waste to substitute fossil fuels. The compact design provides a very practical solution with a small footprint and enables a reduction in landfilled waste through effective separation, with low investment and operating costs.

The plant has a throughput capacity of 25 t/h of MSW and a power output of 95 kW. The main equipment includes a bag opener/SPR 2200-55 pre-shredder, a magnetic separator and a disc screen, which facilitates in-feed and correct separation of the different fractions.

The compact plant concept was developed by Grupo SPR for direct installation at landfills or waste transfer plants to enable the preparation of material with a high calorific value that can later be refined in a secondary shredding plant and used as alternative fuel in the cement industry. It plays a vital role at landfills by immediately reducing (by around 40%) the volume of waste received.