GS Inima awarded the “Best Private Company Global” award from the International Desalination Association

GS Inima galardonada con el premio “Best Private Company Global” de la International Desalination Association

With this distinction, GS Inima is recognized for its contribution in the desalination and reuse sector this 2022

GS Inima, a world leader in the water sector, positioned as one of the Groups with the largest volume of plants in terms of concessions and with the longest history in reverse osmosis desalination, has been chosen by the International Desalination Association as the Best Private Company for its contribution to the sector, performance and sustainability practices.

The biannual IDA Congress is a world reference event in the water sector, which this year is held under the slogan ‘Tracing resilient water solutions’ in the city of Sydney, Australia. The Industry and Sustainability Awards Gala was held within this framework. These awards reflect the diversity of contributions present in the water community. From municipalities to corporations, these award categories recognize the many ways the global community is addressing water scarcity to ensure a future where clean water and sanitation are universal.

“It is an honor for us to receive this recognition, which reinforces our work and commitment to the industry and encourages us to continue betting on innovation. We firmly believe in the role of water reuse and desalination to face the challenges of climate change in terms of water security and we are committed to applying our ‘know how’ in non-conventional solutions in water management”, Marta Verde , CEO of GS Inima.