GS Inima is awarded the operation and maintenance of several WWTPs of the Rioja Alavesa Sanitation System

GS Inima se adjudica la explotación y mantenimiento de varias E.D.A.R del Sistema de Saneamiento de Rioja Alavesa

The Rioja Alavesa Water Consortium – Arabako Errioxako Urkidetza has awarded the Rioja Alavesa joint venture, made up of GS Inima (45%), Ciclagua (45%) and Lagunketa (10%), the operation and maintenance of several WWTPs and associated pumping of the Rioja Alavesa sanitation system and the Casablanca DWTP, as well as the improvement and rehabilitation works of the Casablanca WWTP and the Kripán WWTP. With a period of 3 years, extendable to two more years, the scope also includes the operation of the Yécora WWTP and associated pumping.

The contract that begins on February 15 will supply drinking water to four industrial areas: the current Casablanca I industrial estate, the new Casablanca II industrial estate, El Carrascal industrial estate and the Viña Rea winery. In addition, the 6 treatment plants included in the contract will treat the waters of 14,000 inhabitants.

It also includes works to improve the Casablanca and Krinpan WWTP and, among other actions to be carried out, the improvements and automation of the treatment processes stand out, as well as the stabilization and modifications of the original civil works.

With this new award, GS Inima reinforces its position in the field of operation and maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Plants with a total treatment capacity of more than 2 million cubic meters per day.