Guadalquivir River Basin Management Authority (CHG) invites tenders for contracts worth €61.9 million to upgrade Seville WWTPs in the area of Donaña


The Guadalquivir River Basin Management Authority (CHG), a body which acts under the auspices of the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO), has invited tenders for contracts worth a total of €61,980,854.34 (including VAT) to upgrade Seville wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in the area of Donaña National Park. 

The works are associated with two of the three projects to be undertaken for this purpose under the collaboration agreement entered into on February 3rd by the CHG and Empresa Municipal de Aguas de Sevilla, S.A. (EMASESA). The first project has a budget of €34.3 million and relates to the outfall sewer in the area of Avenida de Las Razas. The second project, with a tender allocation of €27.6 million, corresponds to the sewer pipeline section in the Palmas Altas area, in the vicinity of the Guadaira River and the left bank of the Guadalquivir river basin. 

The President of the CHG, Joaquín Páez, expressed his satisfaction at the announcement of the tender procedure for “actions that will enable progress in the management of water quality and the conservation of Doñana’s ecosystems”, given that these works form part of EMASESA’s strategy to improve the sewerage and water treatment system of Seville and its surrounding areas, which form a very important urban area.

The renovation of these sections of the sewer network will ensure that the water is correctly conveyed to the Copero WWTP, where it will receive enhanced treatment, thanks to the extension and upgrading works carried out at this facility. Discharges from the Copero WWTP have an impact on the National Park, which is located downstream.  Páez also wished to highlight “the firm commitment of the CHG and Seville City Council to reach a collaboration agreement that will allow these works to be carried out. This agreement has received the backing of the Spanish Government, through the MITECO, and was reached thanks to the mediation of the Government Sub-delegate Office in Seville and the Government Delegate Office itself”. 

These actions will be financed by the ERDF, in addition to proprietary investment by the CHG and EMASESA. The work will include: internal renovation and cleaning of the sewer lines, passivation of reinforcements, renovation of the sections, structural reinforcement with mortar and bi-directional carbon fibre mesh, internal waterproofing, renovation of foundation plates, sealing of cracks and fissures, repair of access points to sewer tunnels, cofferdams and by-passes, manholes and ventilation windows, and adaptation of existing connections.