Guadalquivir WWTP and Aznalcóllar WWTP: Two major facilities managed by Aljarafesa

In this Plant Report, we describe two facilities managed and operated by Aljarafesa. We begin with the extension to the Guadalquivir WWTP, which receives the wastewater from 20 of the 29 municipalities that make up the Aljarafe Association of Municipalities. The second part of the Plant Report focuses on the Aznalcollar WWTP, which benefits a population of 6,000.


Extension to the Guadalquivir WWTP in the municipality of Palomares del Río (Seville)

The Guadalquivir WWTP, located in the municipality of Palomares del Río (Seville) was originally designed for the removal of carbonaceous matter only. A resolution of July 10 2006 of the Secretariat General for Territorial Affairs and Diversity of the Regional Government of Andalusia declared the Doñana National Park to be a sensitive area. In order to achieve compliance with this resolution, the plant was enlarged to enable the removal of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) in addition to the removal of carbonaceous matter.

The existing plant treated a flow of 52,500 m3/day, which came from two main sewer lines: the Palomares Line and the Coria Line. A third sewer line was subsequently added: the Guadalquivir Right Bank Line. The extension has doubled the treatment capacity of the plant. Previously it could treat the wastewater of a population of 175,000 and this has now increased to 350,000. The treatment flow has increased to 105,000 m3/day. Subsequent to the extension, the facility receives wastewater from 20 of the 29 municipalities of which the Aljarafe Association of Municipalities is composed. The extension work consisted of doubling the treatment facilities put into operation in 1998, thereby ensuring the treatment of a 350,000 population equivalent for the next 30 years. The demand caused by population growth in the region led to the doubling of the capacity of the plant

The work carried out will, therefore, enable a population equivalent of 655,000 to be served and a flow of 105,000 cubic metres per day to be treated. The extension to the plant required investment of around €25 million and the contract for this work was awarded to a consortium made up of Acciona Agua, Acciona Construcción and Riegosur SA.

Aznalcóllar WWTP (Seville)

The Aznalcóllar Wastewater Treatment Plant was built by GS Inima, and the operation and management contract was awarded to Aljarafesa, a publicly owned company. Highlights of the infrastructure not only include the WWTP itself, which serves a population equivalent of 6,000, but also the sewer lines that carry the water from the urban areas and the Environmental Activities Business Park. Total investment in the project, which was co-funded by the ERDF, amounted to around €4.5 million.

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Plant Report published in: FuturENVIRO April 2017