Guadassuar municipal solid waste recovery complex (Valencia)


Administrative background and project contextualisation

In November 2016, Reciclados Ribera del Xúquer commissioned the 2E Facility of the Consorcio Ribera i Valldigna (Ribera i Valldigna Consortium) Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan, which corresponds to Zonal Plan 5V4 of the Autonomous Community of Valencia.

Zonal Plan 5V4 serves the Ribera Alta, Ribera Baixa and Valldigna districts, which have a population of almost 400,000 people spread over the 52 municipalities belonging to the consortium.

The 2E Facility is located in the municipality of Guadassuar. It forms part of the Guadassuar Municipal Solid Waste Recovery Complex, which, in accordance with the provisions of the Consorcio Ribera i Valldigna Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan, replaces the old Guadassuar Composting Plant. Since 1989, domestic waste produced in these municipalities has been sent to this composting facility.

Putting the Waste Recovery Complex into operation will enable the Consortium to comply with current MSW management legislation. Over 9% of the weight of the waste received will be recovered in the form of recycled materials and end-of-line reject for landfilling will be less than 40% of the weight of inputwaste. The Complex will be equipped with the best available technologies for municipal waste treatment.

The Complex is located on the same site as the old treatment plant, and partially on an adjoining site. Construction work on the Complex was planned in successive stages so that existing facilities can continue to operate while work on the new facilities is in progress. In this way, the construction work will not cause interruption to the provision of waste treatment services.

The 2E Facility was constructed in the first stage. The following operations take place at the facility: Waste reception, pretreatment, primary sorting into wet and dry fractions, sorting of recyclable materials and the production of energy from waste in order to provide fuel for cement plants.

The screened wet fraction will temporarily be sent to the existing composting plant, while the new organic matter recovery facility is under construction. This facility, designated as Facility 1 in the Management Plan, will be built by Reciclados Ribera Xúquer alongside the 2E Facility and is scheduled for completion before the end of 2017. When this construction stage has been completed, the old composting plant will be fully decommissioned.

The Recovery Complex will occupy a site of approximately 40,000 m2. The treatment buildings will account for 20,000 m2, 5,000 m2 for the 2E Facility and 15,000 m2 for Facility 1.

Citizens will be able to visit the entire Recovery Complex by means of a walkway and visitor circuit, which will take a circular route around the waste recovery lines so that the treatment processes can be viewed in chronological order. The visitor circuit will begin at a reception room located in the administrative building and end in a large multi-purpose educational hall, which will be divided into 3 areas: audiovisual area, exhibition area and conference room.

Description of the 2E Facility

The facility has a treatment capacity of 155,000 tonnes per annum of mixed domestic waste. The plant was designed by the Reciclados Ribera Xúquer Technical Department and implements SORAIN CECCHINI TECNO (SCT) technology, delivered on a turnkey basis. SCT manufactured most of the electromechanical processing equipment at the facility and was responsible for the integration of equipment supplied by other manufacturers:

• Euromec: Orange peel grab
• Grupo FEM: Metals separators
• Jovisa: Metals baling press
• MacPresse: Plastics baling press
• Doppstatd: Primary shredder
• Lindner: SRF shredder
• Tomra: Optical separator

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Plant Report published in: FuturENVIRO December 2016 – January 2017