In November 2018, I became the first woman to hold the position of President of the Tarragona Water Consortium (CAT) since its creation in 1985. The CAT is responsible for the upstream supply of water to the entire province of Tarragona and supplies 63 municipalities, accounting for 85% of the population of the province. I took on the task with great enthusiasm and an enormous sense of responsibility.


It took over 30 years for a woman to be appointed President of this very large organisation. In 2019, the UN chose the following theme for International Women’s Day; “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”, a motto that encompasses our mission and values, and one which places innovation at the epicentre of future initiatives. The constant quest for solutions and improvements in the area of water management makes the CAT a benchmark in innovation at the service of a public domain, water.

We at the CAT strive to be better every day. Research and the development of new projects are vital in order to address all the challenges facing society. For this reason, we have incorporated the concept of ongoing enhancement in all our areas of action. All of this depends on new technological solutions in processes associated with the quality and management of the water supply network.

Ambassadors of a sustainable future

Collecting, treating and supplying quality water to the entire province has contributed in a responsible manner to the prosperity and quality of life of our surrounding area. However, the public service vocation demands commitments that go far beyond this. For this reason, we adopt a transparent attitude and one of collaboration with society. We promote constant dialogue to generate knowledge of our activities and confidence in the CAT.

Meritxell Roigé, President of the Tarragona Water Consortium

Published in: Nº61 FuturENVIRO June 2019