Hagihon and TaKaDu Sign a Contract Extension for Waste Water Network Management

Hagichon wastewater

Hagihon Company Ltd., The Jerusalem Region Water and Wastewater Utility, globally known as an early adopter of innovative water technologies, and TaKaDu, a global leader in integrated water network management, announced today that they signed a three-year contract extension. This is following a four year period in which Hagihon used TaKaDu’s integrated water network solution to improve its operational efficiency, and ensure high quality water provision to about 1 million residents of the City of Jerusalem, the Town of Mevasert Yerushalaim and the Town of Abu Gosh.

TaKaDu’s web-based service supports Hagihon’s operational day-to-day and planning decision making, providing the various teams with a bird’s-eye-view of the distribution network at all times. TaKaDu uses different types of raw data, turning it into actionable insights about water quality, leakage, network, and pressure issues.

“TaKaDu’s solution made a great contribution to our improvement in operational efficiency during the past four years. It enables us to always know what is going on in our network and make educated decisions in real-time” mentioned Zohar Yinon, Hagihon’s CEO. “Prior to TaKaDu, we had enormous amounts of data, but we were not capable of maximizing its benefits. With TaKaDu, we make optimal use of this data, ensuring high quality service while minimizing service interruptions to the public”.

“We are most pleased to continue working with Hagihon, and are grateful for the fruitful collaboration that allows both TaKaDu and Hagihon to excel in what we each do”, said Amir Peleg, Founder and CEO of TaKaDu, “During these recent years Hagihon allowed us access to Hagihon’s engineers and network data, and together with other TaKaDu customers globally, supported our product development efforts, enabling us to provide a solution that fits the need of other utilities, in Israel and worldwide. For instance, we are now working with Hagihon on a new module of our solution, which will maximize the use of consumption data to allow improved service and direct communications between TaKaDu and its consumers. Hagihon will be the first TaKaDu customer to use this module”. He added that “When it comes to innovation in water networks, Hagihon is known for being a pioneer. Just in the past year we had several of our customers from all around the world, coming over to learn from Hagihon how they use TaKaDu for continuous automatic monitoring of water quality parameters”.

Hagihon is well known as a leader in the implementation of innovative smart water and sewage technologies and modern management methodologies, and as a Center for Urban Water & Wastewater “Best Practice”. In 2014 only, Hagihon was recognized by the EIP Water Action Group as one of the top 5 utilities surveyed, and was awarded the WEX Global Award for Innovation – Operations.