Idraflot™ chosen by Papelera del Oria to enhance WWTP discharge quality

Idraflot™ technology will enable a high-quality effluent compliant with papermill effluent discharge legislation.

The Spanish subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies and Papelera del Oria have reached an agreement for the design, supply and installation of two Idraflot™ dissolved air floatation systems, with a unitary treatment capacity of 90 cubic metres per hour. The aim of this project is to obtain a high-quality effluent discharge that complies with and even exceeds environmental requirements.

In order to achieve this, Papelera del Oria has chosen Idraflot™ dissolved air technology by Veolia Water Technologies. The project comprises two floatation units, one of which acts as a primary clarifier prior to biological treatment and the other as a secondary clarifier after biological treatment. This setup will enable a reduction of suspended solids, both at the inlet to biological treatment -which makes this stage of the process more stable- as well as at the outlet to provide final purification.

Idraflot™ enables lower operating costs because it requires very little maintenance and chemicals consumption is lower compared to other similar technologies. It also minimises odour pollution, another particularly relevant factor for Papelera del Oria, because it facilitates the harmonious integration of the industrial WWTP with the environment and prevents the residents of Zizurkil and Villabona from being affected by unpleasant odours.