In Depth: Analysis of the waste sector in 2021 and forecasts for 2022

We begin 2022 with FuturENVIRO’s special issue of the year on waste, featuring our by now well established section entitled “In depth: Analysis of 2021”. In this section, leading actors and trade associations from the sector offer a review of the most significant events in the waste industry during the past year.

2022. The first year of real fruition for biogas. | Board of Directors, Spanish Biogas Association – AEBIG

Promising future for recycled raw material producers | Óscar Hernández Basanta, CEO at ANARPLA

2022 a year to reflect on the opportunities afforded by energy recovery | Rafael Guinea, President of Aeversu (Spanish Association of Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste)

A year of changes in legislation and waste management procedures | Luis Palomino, Secretary General of the Spanish Association of Hazardous Waste and Soil Recovery Companies (ASEGRE)

Paper industry on the road to decarbonised bi-circularity | Carlos Reinoso, CEO at ASPAPEL (Spanish Association of Paper and Pulp Manufacturers)

Positive balance for bioenergy in 2021 | Javier Díaz, President of the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM)

Evolution of the circular economy in Spain | Adelaida Sacristán García, Director of Studies and Knowledge Management, Fundación Cotec para la Innovación

Ending textile waste in landfills. A new modelis up and running | Belén Vázquez de Quevedo Algora, General Secretary at ECOTEXTIL

2022 in the key of recycling | Alicia García-Franco, CEO of FER, Vice-president of EuRIC (European Recycling Industries’ Confederation), a member of the Executive Committee of CONFEMETAL and the Board of Directors of UNE

New legislation, old problems| Victoria Ferrer Maymo, Director, Gremi de Recuperació de Catalunya (Catalan Recovery Guild)

Recycling batteries and e-waste, a growing market niche | José Pérez, CEO at Recyclia

Prospects for 2022: The arrival of new waste legislation will shape the future of the sector | Manuel Domínguez Director general de REPACAR (Asociación Española de Recicladores Recuperadores de Papel y Cartón)

Countdown to the future | Eduardo de Lecea, Director General of SIGAUS

No time in the past was better| Rocío Pastor Matut, CEO at SIGFITO

The future keeps us rolling | Gabriel Leal, CEO at SIGNUS

Spain ready for new end-of-life vehicle legislation | Manuel Kindelán Barañano, CEO of SIGRAUTO (Spanish Association for the environmental treatment of end-of-life vehicles)

Published in: Nº86 FuturENVIRO December 2021 – January 2022