Innovation in remote reading systems

Review the SUEZ figures that make it the leader in remote reading of water meters.

Water meter network management is of key importance in adapting to the new needs and challenges of smart cities. The capacity to globally manage information from the remote Reading network and the expertise to transform consumption data into valuable information is a huge advantage for water utilities and of immense benefit to citizens.

SUEZ leads the way in remote reading system innovation through the On’Connect communications network and the Wize protocol, with three key goals: to drive the transition to smart cities, to
promote responsible water consumption and to optimise the management of a scarce resource. Below are some figures that demonstrate SUEZ’s leadership in remote water meter reading systems:

Over 3 million water meters read remotely

This is the number of water meters installed in cities worldwide. And more and more public authorities and water utilities are opting for SUEZ remote reading solutions. The number rises to 5 million if we bear in mind the deployment of over 2 million gas meters. mSUEZ has set itself the target of achieving a total of 15 million remotely read water and gas meters in the coming years. This would ensure the sustainability of the remote reading system for the next 25 years.

Over 6,000 VHF data concentrators

SUEZ has a large network of concentrators to ensure the correct reception of data transmitted by all currently deployed water and
gas meters. This communications network, called On’Connect, enables data from the meters of the main manufacturers to be transmitted through the Wize protocol, which is based on 196 MHz frequency band.

Over 2,160 million data analysed monthly

At the Control Centres, located in Barcelona and París, the data received from over 3 million water meters are analysed on a daily basis.

Over 30 million readings processed daily

Depending on the diffierent available configurations, from 1 to 96 readings daily, the system processes a total of over 30 million readings per day. These data are made available to public authorities and water utilities, as well as to end users.

SUEZ supports the digital transformation of cities, from sensors to services, and the company has reinforced its commitmment to technology that is fully focused on open data and smart management to connect cities. The innovative SUEZ remote reading solution demonstrates the company’s firm resolve to continue leading the way towards the implementation of a sustainable model in the urban world.