Processing facilities, biomass storage and 50 MW biomass power plant in Huelva


Ence commissions Its biggest biomass plant

Ence’s new facilities in Huelva for biomass reception and processing and a power plant using biomass have been operating since the beginning of the year. The electricity generating plant, the biggest in its category in Spain, has installed capacity of 50 MW and is scheduled to produce 350 GW annually, which would avoid the need to import fossil fuels costing €12.5 million a year. Given that both waste biomass and energy crops are used as fuels, the supply operations for the plant will enable 312,500 t/year of CO2 to be captured.

The new plant’s basic engineering was developed by Ence, which has a great deal of experience and technological knowhow in the processing and generation of electricity with biomass. In the context of its growth strategy in the renewable energy sector, the company defined the plant’s technical specifications, negotiated and purchased the principal equipment (the boiler and the turbine) and in the first phase of the project worked in partnership with Heymo–Poyry on the basic and part detail engineering for the new processing, biomass use and electricity generation facilities.