Isolux Corsán, in consortium with companies IVC General Contractors S.R.L. and Constructora M.P.M S.A., has been awarded the contract to expand potable water and sewerage sectors in several districts of Lurigancho and San Antonio de Huarochiri, Peru.The project, which has a budget of $102 million, has been awarded by the Company of Potable Water and Sewerage of Lima (Sedapal) and its allow providing these basic services to rthe more than 75,000 inhabitants of these areas services.

The project includes the construction of the main water lines and sewage, 14,456 connections in Cajamarquilla, Nievería and Cerro Sweet Potato and avenues outside these areas, within the jurisdiction of the District of Lurigancho, in the Province of Lima, and the San Antonio, in the province of Huarochiri.

Among the works included for water supply highlights the distribution network, with a length of 250,331 m between drives, primary network and secondary network, rush home, construction and equipping 3 wells, 18 reservoirs regulation / accumulation and improving existing facilities.

As for the sewer, it is included the execution of two drive lines, 13 major collectors, tanks overflow lines, secondary sewers and house connections, to a total of 295,277 m of pipe.

This project is one of the largest in the government program “148, Water for Lima and Callao” which aims to help expand and improve access to potable water, sewage and water treatment for 100% population of Lima and Callao.

Presence in the Andean country

Isolux Corsán has a large experience in projects in Peru. In this country, the compay has already built and operation two photovoltaic plants of 44 MW of installed capacity, Majes and Distribution, located in the region of Arequipa. The capacity of these plants is 80 GWh per year and can supply a population of 80,000 inhabitants.

In addition, the company is awarded a contract for the construction of the hydroelectric plant Molloco which will have a capacity of generating 300 MW, located in the provinces of Caylloma and Castilla (Arequipa). Also it is developing the electricity interconnection project between Moyobamba and Iquitos, a high-voltage transmission line of 220kV through the Peruvian jungle with a length of 600 km.

Finally, the Group has executed the construction of Chilina Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Peru, with 563 meters long, and has helped decongest 80% traffic Arequipa, the second largest city by population.