Jaén Municipal Council and FCC Medio Ambiente present new waste collection and street cleaning machinery

On the morning of October 11, the Jaén Municipal Council and FCC Medio Ambiente presented the new fleet of vehicles and machinery associated with the contract for the indirect management of street cleaning, municipal solid waste collection and transportation, as well as garden and green belt maintenance.

The City Council has once again demonstrated its confidence in FCC, which has provided services in the city since 1985, by entering into a contract with a municipal budget of almost twelve million euro per annum (excluding VAT). The contract has a duration of 12 years and can be potentially extended for a a further eight years, giving a total portfolio value of almost 144 million euro.

The new contract reflects a clear commitment to the implementation of electric vehicles in order to provide the city with more sustainable services and reduce environmental impact. A total of 34 electric vehicles will be put into service, including vans, inspection cars (one of which will be used for municipal supervision) and auxiliary sweepers, apart from a large quantity of electric machinery and tools.

Also of great relevance is the introduction of a side loading refuse collection system to replace the much of the previous rear loading system, which considerably improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the service. As a result, seven new side loader collection trucks will be put into service along with a unit for cleaning the insides and outsides of containers. These will be joined by high pressure street cleaning units to clean and disinfect container islands, and remove stains and graffiti.