Jundiz packaging sorting plant converts waste packaging to fuel

The Jundiz packaging waste sorting and separation plant, owned by the Provincial Council of Álava, has become the first plant in the Basque Country capable of converting packaging waste into fuel.

Following investment of €428,747 and the use of cutting edge technology, implemented for the first time in Spain, the provincial plant has improved its energy efficiency and has become a benchmark in sustainable engineering. A radiant floor heating system has been installed at the facility to enable the drying of waste that previously could not be recycled. Subsequently, the dried material undergoes shredding and compacting carried out in machinery specially designed for the purpose.

The efforts of the people of Álava enabled 3,193 t of packaging waste to be recycled in 2015 (tins, tetra-briks, plastic bags, plastic bottles, aluminium, etc.). However, only 68% of the material deposited in the yellow container was packaging waste.

The Jundiz packaging waste sorting and separation plant has been awarded Plus de Rendimiento (Performance Plus) certification by Ecoembes in recognition of the efficiency of the facility, which has contributed €42,145 to the provincial coffers.