Kadant acquires Paalgroup

In April of this year, Kadant Inc., a global supplier of components and engineering systems used in process industries worldwide, and a leading paper manufacturer and recycler, announced the acquisition of RT Holding GmbH.

RT Holding GmbH is the parent corporation of a group of companies known as the PAALGROUP. PAAL manufactures channel balers and related equipment used in the processing of recyclable and waste materials. The company is headquartered in Germany and has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom (DICOM), France (COMDEC), and Spain (FAES).

Franzotto Hornung, president and chief executive officer of PAAL, commented, “We are excited to join Kadant and become a part of this dynamic organization. Kadant’s global platform and business model offers a number of exciting opportunities to extend PAAL’s leading market position in Europe to geographic regions around the globe.”