Kamstrup and TaKaDu in partnership

Kamstrup and TaKaDu have announced a strategic partnership to offer an intelligent water management solution to water utilities worldwide.

The joint offering combines Kamstrup’s intelligent water meters and sensors collecting real-time data from the distribution network, and TaKaDu’s cloud-based software that enables utilities to manage the full lifecycle of network events, such as faulty assets, leaks, bursts, water pressure issues, water quality, operational faults and more. Easy to implement, the combined solution enables improved network efficiency and asset management, with energy and cost savings.


Jesper Kjelds, Senior Vice President of Heat/Cooling/Water Systems at Kamstrup, says: “There is so much valuable information in the real-time data our meters and sensors collect from the distribution network. We want to ensure that our customers have access to and are trained to use the right tools that will enable them to turn data into valuable and actionable information that in turn assists the utility in reducing costs and providing improved services to their customers. With the TaKaDu cooperation, we ensure seamless integration between the intelligent water solutions from Kamstrup and TaKaDu’s advanced event management and analytics.”

Source: Kamstrup