KEYLO once again looks to UNTHA IBERICA for wood recycling processes

Wood processing company Keylo has acquired a second UNTHA single rotor shredder- the QR 1400 model on this occasion- for the treatment of MDF, chipboard, pallets and recycled wood. (Throughput 1,600-2,000 kg/h at 50 mm)

These high-performance QR1700/QR2100 shredders are specially designed for pallet manufacturers and wood mprocessing companies requiring throughputs of up to 30 m3/h. Different screen sizes of between 12 and 100 mm achieve a homogenous, easy-to-transport product, for the production of heat (combustion of shredded product) or briquettes.

The UNTHA QR is a new generation of powerful, extremely reliable, versatile, single-shaft shredders. These models provide efficient, problem-free shredding
of wood waste, pallets, old wood and many other input materials. QR shredders give owners the security that there will be no unscheduled downtime and that the machine will do the work for which it was built, i.e., reliable shredding.