Kunak-Labaqua to monitor the air quality and noise pollution in the Balearic ports

The APB (Port Authority of the Balearic Islands) has selected the joint venture formed by Kunak-Labaqua to deploy a monitoring system for air quality and noise pollution in the ports belonging to the APB.

Kunak-Labaqua will supply and install 25 equipment to monitor the concentration of gases, particles and the noise pollution in real time. The data will be collected and sent in real time to a cloud platform available to the APB.


In total, 25 equipment distributed in Palma, Eivissa, Maó, Alcúdia and Savina

The APB thus fulfills its commitment to extend the plan to the ports of general interest that it carries out in the port of Palma since 2017.

Kunak Air, State-of-the-art in monitoring air quality and noise

Kunak dispositives will collect samples continuously and calculate the average concentration of emissions and acoustic levels in a given period. The information collected will be sent in real time to a cloud platform thanks to the incorporation of remote connectivity systems through the GPRS or 4G communications networks.

Through the cloud, the APB will be able to set customizable alarms that will be activated when exceeding the thresholds or pre-set limits due to excessive environmental pollution or noise. This information will allow the APB to create reports and, more importantly, to determine the actions and measures that can be taken at all times.