Competitiveness over time requires good strategy and in-depth technical know-how

The Water Treatment and Control Sector is vital to the functioning and development of society and industry. Hence, the demand for its wide range of products and services. However, the current global economy (especially the western economy, hit by low growth and even recession in some regions) and increasingly stringent sustainability requirements force companies to review constantly their competitive strategies and devote considerable efforts to ongoing enhancement and innovation, without which they would be unable to compete adequately. This requires good strategic vision and in-depth, up-to-date technical know-how within a clear, coherent framework that favours the development of good practices in the business.

We at AQUA ESPAÑA focus on the needs and challenges of the companies in order to design the initiatives we carry out on a collective level throughout the year. In this respect, analysis of 2014 illustrates how the economic recession has resulted in very low investment in water treatment and control. Such investment has been even lower than expected, bearing in mind the existing needs and conveniences of users themselves.

Faced with this situation, AQUA ESPAÑA has carried out different initiatives aimed at establishing clear technical frameworks, giving visibility to solvent companies in the sector and providing technical training to organisations on the demand side so that they can choose the most appropriate solutions. The Technical Guides, the AQUA ESPAÑA logo, the Seals of Business Solvency and the brokerage events for suppliers and demanders carried out in 2013 are all examples of this. AQUA ESPAÑA will continue to work on these pillars because this is the best way to promote a competitive sector in the global economy. In general, competition based exclusively on price is short term and always ends up being negative. In the short term, it is the most solvent companies that suffer from unfair competition, but in the medium and long term, it is those who engage in malpractices who end up failing. In the Water Sector particularly, when companies, organisations and bodies need to acquire a water treatment and control solution, they should think more in terms of cost/benefit than purely in terms of price, in the sense that the purchase price must always be analysed taking account of aspects such as coverage, duration, and reliability.

Sergi Martí, President AQUA ESPAÑA

Article published in: FuturENVIRO January and Frebruary 2015