The caborniodwtp, a first-rate facility that enhances water supply in Oviedo


The Cabornio DWTP required a total investment of €20 million and guarantees the supply of water fit for human consumption to the muncipalities of Oviedo and Ribera Arriba. The DWTP was inaugurated on July 9th of this year by the president of FCC, Esther AlcocerKoplowitz, and the Mayor of Oviedo, Agustín Iglesias Caunedo. The facility is managed by FCC Aqualia, the company responsible for the global urban water cycle in Oviedo since 1996.

The new drinking water treatment plant built by the DraceMedioambiente – Dragados consortium guarantees the supply of drinking water to the municipality of Oviedo. The DWTP has a treatment capacity of 1,500 l/s and provides an excellent example of what the water industry is capable of. The entire process from when the water enters the plant to when it leaves en route to the city takes a total of just three and a half hours.

The DWTP enables the treatment of water from three different sources: water from the springs in Quirós, water collected in the Alfilorios Reservoir, and groundwater pumped from Nalón. The bulk of the water consumed in the municipality comes from the springs of the Sierra del Aramo. This water is sent through a pipeline that goes from the municipality of Quirós and follows a route of 40 km, passing through a number of municipalities. A pipe network of 60 km is in place for the collection and transport of the water from the springs. The other two options (Alfilorios Reservoir and the wells of Palomar) ensure the supply of water to the city and the quality of this water is guaranteed by the treatment carried out at the Cabornio DWTP.