Lanzarote V Desalination Plant – Arrecife, Lanzarote

Production capacity of 18,000 m3/d of desalinated water


The Lanzarote V desalination plant was built with a budget of €7.9 million, including both the design and construction work. The plant joins the existing desalination facilities on the Inalsa complex in Punta de Los Vientos (Lanzarote III and Lanzarote IV plants) and in Yaiza (Inalsa Sur-Janubio)

The demand for desalinated water in Lanzarote last year amounted to 93,806 m3/d, according to figures provided by the Island Council (Cabildo Insular) and the Institute of Statistics of the Canary Islands. Growing demand, the deficit in the
production of desalinated water on the island and the lack of alternative water resources gave rise to the necessity to build this new desalination facility. The modular design of the new plant facilitates future expansion of capacity should this be necessary.

The manufacture of the electrical and mechanical equipment accounted for 85.73% of the total budget for the project, while the civil engineering works and the adaptation of the the old Lanzarote II desalination plant, where the new facility is located, accounted for 12.8% of the total budget.

The initiatives outlined in the project design documents basically consisted of remodelling the existing facilities on the site of the, now dismantled, Lanzarote II plant in order to create the new Lanzarote V plant, with a production capacity of 24,000 m3/d. In this first phase, the plant was fitted with the equipment required for a production capacity of 18,000 m3/d.

Due to the growing need to adapt the facility to current discharge legislation, a sea outfall was included in the project for the combined discharge of brine generated at the Lanzarote III, IV and V plants. As part of the current project, the facilities were fitted out with the necessary equipment to treat the flow from phase 1 of the Lanzarote V plant and the existing flows from the Lanzarote III and IV plants.

The contract for the project was awarded by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the Canary Islands to the “Lanzarote V Desalination Plant Consortium”, made up of Acciona Agua S.A.U and Acciona Infraestructuras S.A. This contract includes both the design and the execution of the works forming part of this project.

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