Work on the Enciso dam to be completed in 2015

water infrastructure

Construction work on the Enciso dam has been 40% completed, but the pace at which work is progressing means that it is expected to be 70% complete by the end of this year. Following years of delays (the project was put out to tender in 1993), the water infrastructure is now scheduled to be completed in 2015.

During a visit to the site on the Cidacos River where the work is being carried out, Spanish Secretary of State for the Environment, Federico Ramos, emphasised that “we are fulfilling our commitment to the Enciso dam, an infrastructure that has been in great demand for decades and one water infrastructure that is vital to the citizens of La Rioja and economic development in the region”.

Federico Ramos underlined the fact that the construction of this infrastructure, which will benefit around 50,000 citizens, demonstrates the great commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs to La Rioja, a commitment underpinned by investment of almost €50 million in water infrastructures in 2014.

He also pointed out the the Enciso dam is a strategic infrastructure for this government and this region, because regulation of the Cidacos River will improve urban water supply and supply for industrial purposes to the municipalities in the river basin district and nearby towns, in addition to guaranteeing the irrigation of 5,489 hectares of land.

The Secretary of State confirmed that work was progressing “at a good rate” and that the government is committed to completing the project as soon as possible. To this end, €25 million has been earmarked for investment in the project in 2014 and over €23 million has been set aside for 2015.

The Enciso dam, which has a capacity of 46.5 cubic hectometres, will be the second largest water infrastructure in the autonomous community after the Mansilla reservoir (67.7hm3). It will be larger than both the Pajares (35.2 hm3) and González Lacasa (32.9 hm3) infrastructures.