Leading newspaper features Crystal Lagoons energy less water desalination technology

Crystal Lagoons, the innovation multinational that created the world’s top amenity, continues developing new and revolutionary technologies. This time focusing on finding a solution to one of humanity’s direst problems, global potable water shortage, just as was featured by El Mercurio, one of the leading newspapers in the South American regional context.

“A strong worldwide interest, especially in the Chilean public sector has been generated by Crystal Lagoons’ new technology to face the potable fresh water scarcity, humanity’s greatest problem that today affects over a billion people worldwide, via desalination without the use of energy “, the newspaper published in a recent article.

“Crystal Lagoons plans to open pilot plants in different parts of the world. The project’s experimental design ratified the feasibility and enormous potential of this innovation, that uses the hot water that industrial and thermoelectric plants dump into the sea. To offer an idea of the effectiveness of this technology, it’s estimated that if it were applied in the 17 thermoelectric power plants currently installed in Northern Chile, they could generate potable water in a similar volume to the entire country’s consumption, without using any additional energy and at a very low cost “, the article says.

The news outlet also highlighted the fact that the patent for this technology developed by the multinational was granted in the United States under the Green Fast Track program that grants priority to patent protection for technologies with a high positive ecological impact and a great environmental contribution for the World. Only one in every 1,500 patent applications is awarded this privilege.