Learn how the EIB is fighting climate change in Spain through its unique 360-degree video experience

Europe Day on 9th May sees the launch of EIB’s 360° Quest for Climate Solutions campaign highlighting impactful projects to increase climate resilience across the European Union,  including in Spain.

Combating climate change remains amongst one of the biggest global challenges. For the sixth year in a row, the EU bank increased its finance for projects that contribute to climate action and environmental sustainability, including in Spain, where 43% (€3.897 billion) of all lending in the country in 2021 was allocated to green projects. 

For Europe Day, the climate bank of the European Union, the European Investment Bank, is launching a 360 degree video experience that invites European citizens to visit virtually some of these climate projects for themselves. The episode from Spain enables viewers to experience how Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising safety in remote areas in Catalonia in the context of climate change.

The EIB 360° Quest for Climate Solutions is an interactive, free platform on the EIB website where viewers can embark on virtual journeys to visit ground-breaking projects that are making a difference in the fight against climate change in Europe. Filmed with state-of-the-art 360° cameras in some of Europe’s most stunning scenery, these short videos are presented by the EIB’s reporter, who interviews top scientists, engineers, and experts on site.  So, far the series has covered projects in Greece, Portugal and Spain.

In the episode “Sensors for Safety” the European Investment Bank’s 360° video crew takes viewers on a journey into the rugged Pyrenees mountains of Spain, to learn about a remote sensing system that is bringing a new degree of safety and resilience to an isolated stretch of track where a rockslide derailed a train earlier this year. Recognising the potential of this new technology, the EIB is supporting research and development by the Barcelona based company Worldsensing in the hope of extending the lifespan of infrastructure and adapting to the weather extremes of climate change.

Ricardo Mourinho Félix, European Investment Bank Vice-President said: “EIB strongly supports Spain’s ambitious climate goals, in line with national strategies to meet the Paris Agreement targets. The Covid crisis and the war in Ukraine have made climate mitigation and adaptation and sustainable recovery even more relevant. The new 360° Quest for Climate Solutions helps viewers embark on virtual journeys. To visit ground-breaking projects, including Worldsensing, that make the difference in the fight against climate change. This innovative approach helps to bring EIB climate action projects closer to EU citizens.”