LG Chem Launches New Anti-Fouling Membrane

LG Water Solutions, part of LG Chem and manufacturer of the full line of high-efficiency NanoH2O™ reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, has introduced a new anti-fouling (AF) brackish water RO membrane to its innovative and patented product catalog.

The new LG BW 400 AFR boasts a proprietary chemistry that reduces performance deterioration due to organic and biological fouling, a common problem in various water treatment applications.

LG Chem’s innovative AF formulation obtained anti-fouling performance without losing the highly permeable nature of the membrane’s surface.  This makes the LG BW 400 AFR ideally suited for applications with high fouling potential such as wastewater reuse and reclamation, industrial wastewater treatment, and RO brine recovery.