Listen and share ‘AGUA’, the new song by Elefantes and Manolo García and help improve access to water


Listen, download and share ‘AGUA’ by Elefantes and Manolo García and you will be helping more people to have access to potable water. The more hits the song gets, the more clean water Oxfam Intermón will be able to supply to people in need.



Water, the song composed by Shuarma, with lyrics by Shuarma and Benjamín Prado, and performed by Elefantes and Manolo García will contribute to the efforts of Oxfam Intermón to bring clean water to people who most need it.

The initiative stems from the fact that 2,100 million people worldwide (three of every ten people) lack access to potable water in their homes. Disease caused by water in poor condition and lack of hygiene result in over 840,000 deaths per annum.

Through their poetry and music, Benjamín Prado and Shuarma (vocalist with Elefantes) wished to address this extreme situation with the song “Agua”. And Manolo García helped by contributing his unmistakeable voice. The royalties from the song, produced by Warner Music España, will enable Oxfam Intermón to provide water, sanitation and hygiene to more people.

A thousand children die every day due to water in bad condition, lack of sanitation or inadequate hygiene. Oxfam Intermón is an organisation with expertise in water, hygiene and sanitation projects. In the last year, Oxfam Intermón has attended to over 15 million people in situations of emergency, from Yemen, where it provides water and sanitation to over two million people, to Syria. The organisation also provides aid to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and inhabitants of the remotest parts of Somaliland, in the Horn of Africa, amongst others.

The profits from downloading, watching the video or listening to the song will be channelled into litres of water. The goal of this initiative is to fill nine tanker trucks with water this summer for the neediest communities in the Horn of Africa.