Zero Waste strategy, adopted by the first EU capital: Ljubljana

Ljubljana and three more Slovenian municipalities -Vrhnika, Borovnica and Log Dragomer – have joined the European network of Zero Waste communities, becoming the first EU capital to adopt the Zero Waste goal.

In fact, today Ljubljana is the EU capital using the best practices when separating and avoiding the generation of waste. Every year it separately collects 60% of municipal waste and generates less than 150kg of untreated waste – what is not recycled or composted – per person. By 2025 they aim to increase the percentage of separate collection to 78% and reduce the amount of untreated waste to 60kg per person. To achieve the goal of zero waste, Ljubljana has ruled out building any waste incinerator so that it has the flexibility to continue reducing the non-recyclable waste alongside boosting prevention and recycling.

The other three Slovenian municipalities currently recycle an average of 76% of their waste and generate 80kg of non-recyclable waste per person per year. By 2020, those municipalities aim to have achieved 80% recycling and a reduction of up to 70kg per person per year.

You can read the results of the case studies on Vhrnika, Argentona and Capannori here.