Llanura Manchega DWTP (Cuenca)

The Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) is situated at the head of the Supply Network and is amongst the initiatives that make up the Llanura Manchega Supply Project.

The DWTP is located in the municipality of Saelices (Cuenca) on a site situated alongside the A-3 Motorway and adjacent to the route of the main supply pipeline, from which the water to be treated is sent to the plant and to which the product water is returned from the treated water storage tank.

The treated water is distributed to the municipalities of the provinces of Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Albacete, supplying water for domestic consumption to the main population centres of the La Mancha Plain and the population centres in the immediate vicinity of the Tagus-Segura Transfer System, which will be connected to the main pipeline in the future.

Although the plant is designed to treat the original design flow (11,520 m3/h, with a treated water storage tank volume of 115,773 m3), it is estimated that by 2016-2017, it will be capable of supplying 35% of the forecasted population. Therefore, the flow required in this first stage is 1.30 m3/s (4,680 m3/h) and this is comfortably achieved with the two treatment lines in operation at the plant.

The Llanura Manchega DWTP was constructed by a consortium made up of Inima and OHL and the final client was the Directorate General of Water at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs, and the Guadiana River Basin Authority.

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Plant Report published in: FuturENVIRO September2016